Sunday, March 01, 2009

Recycling Photo Exhibit Makes Big Splash

Pardon the radio silence as of late. I'd been busy preparing for the launch of my photo show. The opening of "Your Recycling: Where Does It Go?" last Thursday was a resounding success (imho).

Ongoing (till Mar. 6) at the OnWard Gallery in Red River College's Princess Street Campus, the opening reception had about 75 attendees. CTV news and CBC Radio 1 both came down to interview little ol' me. I spoke to the crowd about the project and what I had learned. Jim Fogg, the GM of the Manitoba Public Stewardship Corporation, was kind enough to address the audience. He put on a clinic about recycling and a very engaging Q&A session followed. 

This morning I was live on CJOB Radio's wake-up show talking about the project. The media attention has been exciting, and all thanks to a well-crafted media advisory that I carpet-bombed the local news outlets with last week (thanks BB & MLL!). I've experienced first-hand the power of good PR! This gives me hope for my future. Thank you to everybody who attended and all the well-wishers from afar. The evening would have meant nothing without you.

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kyozoku said...

Congrats on your modest success. Now that you'll be taking the exhibition on the road, will you be hiring Juul Haalmeyer to choreograph the Manitoba Recycling Dancers? And is the rumour about a duet with Tony Bennett true? I hear that Barb Bigger has connections...