Saturday, July 04, 2009

Am I Sad About Michael Jackson's Passing?

In a word: No.
I've been sad for and about MJ for many years. He's lived a sad life which only got more bizarre as time went on. I've had no expectations for a sudden positive turnaround in his fortunes or his strange behaviour. 
I did not expect a triumphant return to form or unprecedented comeback as a result of the shows he was scheduled to perform in London this year.
I believe he is better off now. His pain - both physical and emotional - is no more. 
As one anonymous person put it in the comments section of a news report:
"The real Michael Jackson has been dead for years."
I'd have to agree. 
I'll keep enjoying Michael's music for the rest of my life.


Jamie said...

Well said b!

Dan V. said...

I agree, no reason for me to mourn his passing. More details are emerging everyday about his personal life and it is becoming more clear that he was not happy with what his life had become. The question is: do you think he would live his life differently if he had the chance?

Steve said...

Dan V. - He never had a chance. His life was doomed from childhood. Few people can come through that kind of stardom (and bad parenting) unscathed.